Customs Branch

Guzmán y Cía. Represents national importers and exporters and foreign companies in customs clearance, observing a professional code of ethics that makes it possible to maintain a high standard of good repute and efficiency. Provides service in the customs of Puerto Cortés, Corinto, San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, Las Manos and San Lorenzo.

Bouquet Naviero

Agencia Guzmán y Cía. represents shipping companies, giving professional attention throughout the country, strictly complying with the requirements of all kinds of vessels. He has extensive experience in handling tanker ships (chemicals, molasses, palm oil and petroleum derivatives), conventional cargo, passengers, live cattle, solid bulk carriers, among others. It also provides stowage services for containers and general or specialized cargo.

Other services

 Lloyd’s Agent:

  • Cargo inspections for loss or damage
  • Cargo Inspections
  • Crew Medical Assistance
  • Representation of P&I Clubs
  • Assistance to Ships Draft Inspections
  • Loss and Damage Inspections